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Fatherhood Grief & Loss

Fatherhood Grief & Loss

Were You Involved In An Abortion Decision?

You might of been:

  • left out of the decision making process, only learning of the
    pregnancy after the abortion.
  • opposed an abortion openly but she still chose abortion.
  • hidden your true feelings about abortion in an attempt to allow for
    her choice & control over her body.
  • been undecided on your preferred outcome, so went along with your
    partner’s choice.
  • supported and encouraged her in the decision to abort.
  • pressured her to abort, even threatening to leave her if she didn’t.
  • removed your support from her by not engaging in the decision making process, thus leaving all of the responsibility in her hands.

Still Thinking About It?

We Can Help You Find Hope & Healing After an Abortion Experience

We are here to assist you in finding the right tools for your toolbox that build lasting healing from abortion.

Men helping men; confronting those deeply suppressed feelings that might be impacting aspects of your day to day life.

We understand the factors that contributed to your abortion decision and we care about your health, happiness, and well-being.

Our Fatherhood Grief and Loss Program will walk you through a process of facing the past and building a path to forgiveness.

Giving a voice to your abortion experience can change how you view that decision and give you courage to live in freedom from
your past decisions.

All Services Are Confidential

Abortion Recovery Support

I would have made an excellent father, and I feel now at my age (49) my chance has probably gone. And this makes me sad.

– 9 Years Post-Abortion

I wish I could know more about the baby. I often imagine what he/she would look like now.

– 13 Years Post-Abortion

The absolute worst thing I have ever done. Words can’t describe the pain and overwhelming guilt that is always with me. I have no one to blame but myself.

– 26 Years Post-Abortion

I can’t describe the emptiness of the fatherhood lost. The loss of honor and self-respect in skirting my responsibility to be a father, not to mention the taking of my own child’s life, is a very heavy burden indeed.

– 28 Years Post-Abortion

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All services are confidential

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